Project Management for the Modern World: South Europe College’s Innovative Approach

South Europe College’s Master’s program in Project Management has been successfully launched in Egypt with an enthusiastic event in Alexandria. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum with contemporary topics and in-demand skills for both aspiring and experienced professionals. The event highlighted the transformative power of project management. It also emphasized the program’s diverse benefits, including […]

New Student Orientation Day – Spring 2024

Congratulations on joining South Europe College! The orientation day is an opportunity to get all the valuable and required information for this new beginning. We want to ensure that you have all the information and resources you need. The orientation day’s agenda is designed to ensure you feel welcomed, supported, and informed about the program […]

The 3 Constraints of Project Management

Scope: Refers to what must be done to deliver the project’s end result. Includes defining the specific deliverables and the tasks needed to meet the project goal. Time (Schedule): Refers to the time available to complete project tasks and the project itself. Includes the deadlines for project phases, all the major project milestones, and the […]